Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dear SoupFriends,
In just a few days I will be celebrating my 6th Wedding Anniversary with my amazing wife Shana. It’s been six terrific, fantastic, glorious, blissful, dazzling, marvelous, splendid, off the chain, wondrous & groovy years.
Some say I lucked out when Shana showed up on the SoupMobile’s doorstep many years ago. Those who say that would be absolutely right. I lucked out Big Time! More accurately God blessed me Big Time! Shana is a bouncing ball of love & kindness. She wears her heart on her sleeve and loves both people & animals. I often joke that her passion for helping others makes me look like a slacker but I think it’s absolutely true.
When Shana agreed to marry me and said ‘I Do’ I felt like the most blessed man on the planet. And with our 6th Wedding Anniversary coming up, I still feel the same way.  
So how does Shana feel about me? Hmm, well you will have to ask her yourself, but I’m thinking I must be doing something right because she hasn’t sent me back under the Free Look Provision in our marriage contract. Hey, just when does the Free Look Provision expire? Shana says she will let me know when (if) it does! Gee, she kidding---right???
In any event, for whatever reason she seems to love me! However a more realistic view of how Shana feels about me may come from a quote in RedBook Magazine.
“INFATUATION is when she thinks you are as sexy as Robert Redford, as smart as Henry Kissinger, as noble as Ralph Nader, as funny as Woody Allen & as athletic as Jimmy Connors.
LOVE is when she realizes you are as sexy as Woody Allen, as smart as Jimmy Connors, as funny as Ralph Nader, as athletic as Henry Kissinger and nothing like Robert Redford---but she will still take you anyway.”
 I’m not sure which side of the fence Shana falls on---INFATUATION or LOVE---but I’m not going to quibble. It’s for certain that I hit the jackpot with Shana. I’m sure there is a better wife out there---JUST NOT ON THIS PLANET!!!
May the Lord Bless & Keep You All.
Signed, David Timothy, a.k.a. SoupMan

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Dear SoupFriends,

Greetings from the SoupMan!

In 1968 the Beatles singing group wrote a song called “Birthday.”    The lyrics go like this:

You say it's your birthday
Well it's my birthday too, yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you!!!

On August 18th I will be celebrating my 39th Birthday---again! Every year when my birthday rolls around people say to me, “SoupMan, what do you want for your birthday this year?” My answer is always the same.  I tell them I am already blessed way beyond what any man deserves in this life. Starting with my wife Shana who is the most amazing, terrific, fabulous, dazzling, kind, loving and groovy person on the PLANET. 

Then the fact the God ‘lets me’ be the Executive Director of the SoupMobile. As the SoupMan I have the absolute best job on the PLANET. Every day I get up knowing I am coming to work and will be surrounded by a staff that is absolutely passionate about serving the homeless. A staff that doesn’t consider what they do as work but as being on a ‘Mission from God.’ A staff that is the very best on the PLANET when it comes to serving the ones Jesus calls the ‘least of these.’  

Top that off by the fact that the SoupMobile has an army of friends, supporters, donors, volunteers and prayer warriors that are absolutely fanatical about supporting our mission of ‘Feeding & Sheltering’ the homeless.

But wait, it gets even better. Trumping all of these great things is that there is this guy from 2,000 years ago that Loves me unconditionally. Not just on my birthday but all the time. A guy who loved me (and you) so much that he hung on the cross and gave his life for us.  He came for you! He came for me! He came for all mankind.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Time to celebrate my 39th birthday---again! What do I want for my birthday? Absolutely nothing! I’ve already got it all and then some. A fantastic wife, a job that’s unbelievably rewarding, a staff that is ‘off the chain’, an army of supporters and a Savior who made it all possible.
I think the bigger question is not what the SoupMan wants for his birthday but what does Christ want for HIS birthday coming up on December 25th.  The Bible tells us exactly what he wants for HIS birthday. In the book of Matthew he talks about how we treat the ‘least of these.’ Jesus wants us to reach out to our fellowman in love, kindness, mercy and compassion.

 Not sure how to do that? Well here is an idea for you. This year the SoupMobile will be celebrating its 10th Annual Celebrate Jesus Christmas Gala by which we will take 500 homeless men, women & children to the downtown Dallas Omni Hotel for Christmas.  These precious homeless are the ones Jesus calls the ‘least of these.’ We will need more than 2,500 volunteers to come to the Omni at Christmas and help us minister to our homeless guests.  You, your family, your company, your organization or your church could be part of that group of like-minded volunteers.  Formal signups to volunteer with the SoupMobile this Christmas start on November 1st at our website:

Hmm, now that I think about it, there is something that I do want for my birthday this year. I want ‘you’ to come and join the SoupMan and his fabulous SoupTeam at the Omni this Christmas as ‘together’ we give Jesus his birthday wish by giving 500 men, women and children the most magical Christmas of their lives.

May the Lord Bless & Keep You & Yours.

Signed, David Timothy, a.k.a. SoupMan


Thursday, June 12, 2014

How Lucky Can One Guy Get???

Dear SoupFriends,

Greetings from the SoupMan!

Well, just how lucky can one guy get? In my case, pretty lucky! And why do I say this you might ask?

Am I lucky because of my great wealth? Well, er, ah, you haven’t seen my checkbook balance lately.

Am I lucky because of my movie star looks? Well, er, ah, Hollywood hasn’t been calling me lately.

Am I lucky because of my enormous intellect? Well, er, ah, no one has compared me to Einstein lately.

The real reason I consider myself lucky is because of other people. Starting with my wife Shana who is absolutely the most amazing woman on the planet; to my staff at the SoupMobile who have a profound love, caring and compassion for the homeless; to the thousands of SoupMobile friends, supporters, volunteers and prayer warriors.

When I started the SoupMobile in 2003 (actually Jesus started it and I assisted) I did not know my wife Shana or any of my current staff or any of the thousands of you out there that support the SoupMobile.
But now I do know you and all I can say is “How lucky can one guy get.” While I may not be rich in financial terms, my life (because of you all) is one of great richness with lots of kindness, joy, peace, love, caring and compassion.

They say we get out of life what we put into it. In my case I think I’ve gotten far more back from you all than I’ve ever given. Yes, I am one lucky guy and I have all of you to thank for it.

One last thing about that lucky thing. How lucky/blessed we all are that Jesus came that ‘we might have life and have it more abundantly.’ So yes, I thank all of you---my wife Shana, my staff, my friends, our SoupMobile supporters--- but most of all I thank Jesus. Because of HIM, I am indeed one lucky guy!!!

May the Lord Bless and Keep You and Yours!

Signed, David Timothy, a.k.a. SoupMan


Monday, April 7, 2014

A Church for the Homeless--- Really???

Dear SoupFriends,

Greeting from the SoupMan!

A Church for the Homeless! I can see you scratching your head and saying ‘What’s that all about SoupMan?’ What crazy idea is the SoupMobile chasing now? Well I’m glad you asked. In case you haven’t heard, the SoupMobile is building a church for the homeless in South Dallas. Oh yeah, you heard right! We are putting up a real live church building. It’s the real deal. 

At SoupMobile Church the homeless will receive the call to Christ every week from SoupMobile Pastor—Sister Lisa.  Additionally the church will provide counseling, job training, life skills training
and lots of wholesome activities like barbecues and picnics.

SoupMobile Church will be a one of a kind in the entire nation. A church where the homeless will be the ‘Members’ and if we attend we will be their ‘Guests’. A revolutionary concept to be sure but as one of our supporters said, “Why hasn’t somebody thought of this before.”

Some people think we’re crazy to build a church for the homeless.  They are thinking, what does a Church have to do with ‘Feeding the Homeless.’  We think it has a lot to do with it. For more than a decade the SoupMobile has fed the bodies of the homeless with hearty and healthy food but even more importantly SoupMobile Church will feed their souls. 

Regarding that 'thinking we are crazy' idea?  Yep, we are totally, completely, absolutely, entirely, fully, unconditionally, thoroughly, unmitigatedly and wholeheartedly ‘crazy’ about Christ!

May the Lord Bless & Keep You & Yours!

Signed, David Timothy, a.k.a. The SoupMan

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Most Unforgettable Character I Ever Met!

Dear SoupFriends,

Greetings from the SoupMan!

At the SoupMobile, we’ve lost one of our own. On February 11, 2014 Mackie Choice, at the age of 57  passed away. He had been recently diagnosed with lung cancer that had metastasized and spread throughout his body. Unfortunately his condition was inoperable. 

Mack had a long history with the SoupMobile and he will be sorely missed. He touched many lives in a positive way and his personal story has inspired many.  Readers Digest Magazine used to have a long running series called ‘The Most Unforgettable Character I Ever Met.’

In many ways Mack was that ‘Unforgettable Character’ in my own life. I first met Mack back in 2003 when I was just starting the SoupMobile. I was a rookie, green behind the ears guy who just wanted to feed the homeless. Mack was a homeless guy who had survived many years on the streets using just his wits and a lot of street smarts. We were two guys from different worlds but over the years we bonded together and formed a powerful friendship.

The SoupMobile was able to give Mack a helping hand many times over the years. It was always a ‘Hand Up’, not a ‘hand out.’ However it wasn’t just a one way street. Many times over the years Mack blessed the SoupMobile with his own special brand of kindness. He wasn’t a perfect man, but then none of us are. There is only one perfect one and it’s Jesus. Mack had a gracious spirit, kind heart and loving grace. I take great solace in knowing that Mack knew Jesus.  And while we will miss Mack here on this earth, we know he is now in the loving arms of Jesus. 

Yes, we’ve lost one of our own. We mourn his loss but rejoice in the knowledge that Mack has found his eternal home with Jesus.

Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us but I know someday I will meet Mack again. Meanwhile the most ‘Unforgettable Character’ I’ve ever met will be blessing heaven with his own special brand of joyousness.

GodSpeed to you Mackie Choice! 

Signed, David Timothy, a.k.a. The SoupMan