Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Tidings from the SoupMan

Dear SoupFriends,

Christmas Tidings from SoupMan!

There are less than 72 hours before Christmas. As you may know the SoupMobile is taking 500 homelesss men and women right off the street of Dallas and putting them up at the downtown Dallas Hyatt Regency Hotel for Christmas as part of our 5th Annual Christmas Angel Project.

They will all receive new clothes, fabulous gifts, lots of love and a huge banquet in their honor. Most important is that when they wake up on Christmas Morning it will be in a warm safe bed at the Hyatt--- not in some cardboard box under a bridge.

We have been blessed by an outpouring of support for this event. So far over 1200 volunteers have signed up and donations have been steady. However we will still have a ways to go. I am asking you to give prayerful consideration to sponsoring a homeless person's stay at the Hyatt this Christmas. It cost $100 to sponsor one homeless person.

Will you help me help the ones Jesus called the 'least of these.' Here is what your donation will mean.

When you are sitting down to dinner with your friends and family with all the delicious aromas of the Christmas feast surrounding you, with your help, so will they.

When you are laughing and smiling with your loved ones this Christmas, with your help, so will they.

When you lay your head down at night, full and content from another wonderful Christmas, with your help, so will they.

This will be the SoupMan's last appeal to you in 2009 for help. Some people 'want' to make a difference----you 'can' make a difference. Simply go to and click on DONATE. I can promise you it will be the best Christmas gift you will ever give and the warm feeling in your heart will be the best Christmas gift you ever get. For those wanting to mail in a donation, make your check or money order payable to the SoupMobile and mail to SoupMobile 3017 Commerce St. Dallas Tx. 75226.

Merry Christmas and may the Lord bless and keep you.

Signed, David Timothy, a.k.a. The SoupMan
Executive Director--SoupMobile Inc.

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