Friday, November 13, 2009

Angels in Disguise!

Dear SoupFriends,

Do you believe in Angels? I do!

Since I started the SoupMobile back in 2003 I have been blessed to meet many earth Angels. These Angels are men and women who have kind hearts and giving spirits. Angels who care about helping the ones Jesus called, 'the least of these.' Angels who back up their caring with concrete action.

This week I want to tell you about a special group of Angels. They own and run a local Dallas web company called WorryFreeDesign (WFD). Their names are Diana, Budi and Suyadi. Three earthly Angels who are a blessing not only to the SoupMobile but to their fellowman.

About 18 months ago they approached me and asked if we needed help with the SoupMobile web site. I told them we did and that I had been praying for someone to come in and revamp and maintain our web site. When I asked them what the charge would be for their services they responded by saying, 'We believe in what you are doing to help the homeless and any services we provide to you will be at no charge.' They have been true to their word and have made the SoupMobile web site a sight to behold. Want proof? Simply go to and see what a fabulous job they have done.

WorryFreeDesign does more than just website design. They also do web hosting, internet marketing, domain name registration, programming & support and logo design. Do you need web help? Well look no further. WFD does it all. Diana, Budi and Suyadi aren't just top notch professionals running one of the top web firms in the country, but they truly have hearts of gold.

Of course if you hire WFD they won't be working for free like they do for the SoupMobile, but they will give you a price that is not only fair but extremely competitive. You can contact them and check out their web site at:

Tell them the SoupMan sent you!

Signed, David Timothy, a.k.a. The SoupMan
Executive Director---SoupMobile Inc

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