Friday, September 4, 2009


Dear SoupFriends

The SoupMobile serves 150,000 hot, healthy, nutritious meals every year to the homeless in the Dallas area.

Yes, that's an amazing number of meals and its all because of an amazing man we affectionately call Chef Gene. He is the Head Chef at the SoupMobile and is directly responsible for making sure thousands and thousands of homeless men and women get the food they literally need to survive.

Chef Gene isn't just a great cook. He is a wonderful man with a kind spirit and a passion for reaching out to the 'least of these' in our community. He believes in the words of Jesus who said, "Feed MY Sheep'.

Every weekday volunteers (known as Assistant Chefs) lend a hand to Chef Gene (who is also a volunteer) as he prepares the hot and hearty meals for the homeless. As they begin to prepare the meals each day, Chef Gene reminds his assistants to put the 'secret' ingredient into the food. Of course that 'secret' ingredient is LOVE!

Chef Gene was recently featured in a full length article on the front page of the Dallas Morning News on August 29, 2009.
Click on this link to read that story:

p.s. I know you may be thinking. 'I want to help Chef Gene feed the homeless.' Well there are two main ways you can help. One is you can actually volunteer in the kitchen with Chef Gene as an Assistant Chef--no experience required as Chef Gene will tell you exactly what you need to do.

Second you can help Chef Gene by helping him buy the food he needs. Each meal he cooks costs an average of $1.00. So whether you donate One Dollar or One Million Dollars or anywhere in between, you will be helping Chef Gene 'Feed HIS Sheep'.
Click on this link to find out more about helping:

p.p.s. Well I've got to go. My nose detects some wonderful cooking smells from Chef Gene's kitchen and I'm going to head in there and see if he might give me a sample.

God Bless you all.

David Timothy, a.k.a. The SoupMan

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