Monday, August 17, 2009


Ah, Pennies from Heaven! Sounds like an old movie title. Well in fact it is. It's from 1936 and stars Bing Crosby. Some of you younger folk might not remember Bing, but every year at Christmas you hear one of his most famous songs on the radio---'I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.'

However it seems I digress. Back to Pennies from Heaven---2009. Did you know that the SoupMobile has been running a (PFH) campaign for the past year. What's that all about you ask?

Well the SoupMan got the Pennies from Heaven idea from a 10 year old boy from Michigan named Andrew. A few years ago Andrew decided to raise money to help his school buy equipment. His goal was to collect ONE MILLION PENNIES--which equals $10,000 and donate the money to his school. It took him #14 months to do it, but do it he did. I was truly inspired when I heard this story. I figured if a 10 year old boy could collect One Million Pennies for a good cause, so could you. So I put out the challenge to groups, churches, schools, organizations and individuals to have their own Pennies from Heaven campaign whereby they would collect pennies and donate them to the SoupMobile so we could buy food for the homeless.

So far over 20 groups/individuals have signed up and started collecting pennies. The top penny collector to date is the John D. Horn High School in Mesquite, Texas. They collected just over ONE HALF MILLLION PENNIES and donated that money to the SoupMobile to be used to feed the homeless. As we speak they are still collecting more pennies.

So now I can hear you thinking, 'Hey, anybody could collect pennies--even I could do it.' Well the SoupMan couldn't agree more. You can do it and it will be for a good cause. Want to know more about joining the SoupMan in collecting pennies which will be used to feed the homeless. Simply go to and click on PENNIES FROM HEAVEN and read all about it.

Guess what!!! If a 10 year old boy can do it, so can you!!!

God bless you all,

David Timothy, a.k.a. The SoupMan

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