Monday, December 12, 2011

Cowardly Men Abuse Homeless Woman

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It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I bring you the following story. It's a story about a homeless woman who goes by the street name 'Susie.' She was recently abused and degraded in a horrific incident at a local Dallas barbershop. Cowardly men shaved her head and eyebrows and tormented her.

The incident was captured on video and has gone viral on the Internet. This homeless woman was made sport of by the men in the barber shop. They treated her with the utmost disrespect and were cruel in both their actions and comments that were heard on the video.

The SoupMobile has had search teams looking for Susie for the past several days. We also have an 'investigator' who has extensive experience finding homeless people out searching for Susie. Our goal is to find her and bring her in from the cold.

Susie's story may be the tip of the iceberg. Over the past several years, stories and videos of gangs of thugs assaulting homeless people have become only too common. It's a hard, dirty, and difficult life if you are homeless. It's even worse if you have to fear for your safety every day. If you are a homeless man, life is extremely difficult, but if you are a homeless woman, life is almost impossible.

I shouldn't have to say this, but it's NOT okay to abuse homeless people either verbally or physically. They are not sub-human and they are not deserving of abuse. The vast majority of the homeless are good decent people. Yes, they are down on their luck, but decent people. These are real live human beings with feelings, hopes, dreams, and a desire to get out of homelessness.

The men in the barbershop that abused Susie are NOT men. They are cowards. Real men do not abuse women---homeless or otherwise. Real men do not make sport of abusing women. Real men do not degrade any homeless person. Yes, the men in the video are cowards.

So what can we do about this problem? Frankly there are no easy answers. As horrific as the Susie story is, we were lucky it was captured on video. We have a chance to find Susie and help her. We may also be able to bring the perpetrators to justice. Unfortunately, there is much abuse of the homeless that goes unreported. You can help by reporting any suspected abuse of the homeless to the authorities.

There is another way you can help. Christmas is just around the corner. Let this Christmas season be a time that you reach out in love and kindness to a homeless person. Maybe you volunteer at a charity that works with homeless people. Maybe you make a donation to a homeless cause. Maybe you pray for the homeless. Whatever you do, please know that homeless people need our help. I pray for a day when Susie stories will be a thing of the past. Let's all do our part to help make that prayer become a reality.

p.s. This video from Channel 11 is about the Susie story. Fair warning that some of the incidents in the video may make it difficult to watch.
Channel 11 News Report

May the Lord Bless & Keep You All.

Signed, David Timothy, a.k.a. The SoupMan

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