Thursday, September 23, 2010

On a Mission from God

Dear SoupFriends,

Greetings from the SoupMan!

I've been working with the homeless for more than seven years now. I have been privileged to meet and come to know thousands upon thousands of homeless men and women. I have fed them, bandaged their cuts and wounds, become friends with them, laughed with them, cried with them, visited them in jail, sat with them in the large cardboard boxes they call home, watched them fail miserably, and at times watched them succeed beyond anyone's wildest dreams. It's been an amazing journey with no end in sight.

Since the birth of the SoupMobile in 2003 my fabulous SoupTeam has served more than three quarters of a million meals to the homeless right here in the Dallas area. A staggering number to be sure. Those kind of numbers are proof positive of Gods grace and favor on our mission of 'Feeding HIS Sheep.'

As you may know the SoupMobile expanded its feeding operation in 2009 to include sheltering the homeless. We started a venture called SOUPMOBILE VILLAGE. It's a series of group homes located right here in the Dallas area. Each home designed to take a homeless person right off the streets, clean them up, put a roof over their heads and help them become productive members of our community.

Recently we had one of our women graduate from the Village Women's Home. (Let's call her Beth). Beth began her stay in the Women's Home on July 7, 2010. The day she moved in, she told me that if it weren't for the SoupMobile, she would have been sleeping in her car. We took Beth in, fed her, gave her a safe place to stay and most important showed her the love of Jesus.

I'm so very pleased to announce that Beth just moved out of the Women's Home into her own housing. We feel blessed that Beth's stay in the Women's Home gave her the breathing room she needed to get back on her feet. She stayed with us for 60 days---not a lot of time in the real world, but for someone who would have been sleeping in her car---those 60 days were a life saver.

Bottom line: WE are making a difference in the lives of the one Jesus called the 'least of these.' WE aren't just talking about making a difference---we ARE making a difference. And when I say 'WE'---I mean you. Yes, my faithful SoupTeam comprised of staff, supporters, donors, friends, volunteers and prayer warriors. YOU are the true heart and soul of the SoupMobile. YOU are the ones who make it all happen. My grateful thanks to each and every one of you. More important Beth sends her own thanks for helping in her time of need.

Jesus said 'Feed MY Sheep.' At the SoupMobile we believe he meant more than food. We also believe he meant love, caring, compassion and yes---Shelter!!! My thanks to all of you for sharing in my dream of reaching out to the less fortunate in this world. We--together, are truly on a Mission from God.

May the Lord bless & keep you all.
Signed, David Timothy, a.k.a. The SoupMan
Executive Director---SoupMobile Inc.

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