Friday, October 23, 2009

SoupMobile Village-----Updated Developments

Dear SoupFriends

As you all know SoupMobile Village opened its doors on October 7, 2009 and moved in its first resident—Mackie Choice. He has been homeless and living under a bridge in a cardboard box for the past 15 years. He had lived under the bridge so long that he came to be known as the Mayor of Boxville.

On April 1, 2009 Mack was hired as an Assistant Warehouse Manager at the SoupMobile. His salary was generously sponsored by one of the SoupMobile’s faithful supporters---Betsy & Rusty Kennard. Then on October 7th Mack moved into his new home in the Village and became the Honorary Mayor of SoupMobile Village.

You may well imagine that after 15 years of being homeless that Mack’s teeth were not in very good shape. Cynthia Izaguirre of Channel 8 news had asked Mack what his wish was for this Christmas. Mack said he wanted a new set of teeth so he could smile again without being embarrassed. Cynthia put out an appeal for a dentist to help Mack on a pro bono basis. Several calls came in and one of the Dallas area’s top dental offices agreed to give Mack the Christmas gift he wished for.

My special thanks to Lee Fitzgerald, D.D.S, F.A.G.D, F.I.C.O.I, Associate Fellow American Academy of Implant Dentistry—Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry for agreeing to give Mack his Christmas wish. Dr. Fitzgerald’s office is known for its quality work and attention to detail as its serves the residents of the greater Dallas area. Thank you to Dr. Fitzgerald and his amazing staff for making a difference.

p.s. More breaking news on SoupMobile Village. Our second resident, a gentleman by the name of James---who has been homeless for the past 4 years will be moving into the Village on Friday Oct. 23rd. Through our extensive network of supporters the SoupMobile has already secured a job interview for James at one of the leading companies in the Dallas area. More details on that in a later blog.

Finally my grateful thanks to all of my friends, supporters, and prayer warriors who support the work of the SoupMobile. Jesus said “Feed MY Sheep.” Thank you for helping me do just that!

God bless you all,

Signed, David Timothy, a.k.a. The SoupMan

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  1. Why are the rent rates so HIGH in Dallas, that a Single person cannot afford? I'm not talking about a husband AND wife two paycheck household, but a single divorced man. Even rooms advertised for rent are overpriced and unaffordable. I sleep in my car because I can't afford to pay rent and still be able to buy gasoline, food, and live!