Monday, June 22, 2009

SoupMobile Worldwide!

Recently I received an email from a lady in Australia. She found the SoupMobile online and read my book "Is God on Vacation?" This inspired her to set up her own soup kitchen down under! I invite you to share in her story.

Hey Mr. SoupMan.

Just wanted to say thank you again for your book, it has filled me with inspiration and God has been blessing my adventure abundantly! I finished your book last week and have wanted to email, but have been busy, finally have the time!! I was so excited to read the chapter about Chef Gene, especially the part about his special ingredient - LOVE – I knew what it was before I even read it and that made me feel so excited, as when you know in your heart how things are meant to be, you just know that its GOD!! So please, thank Chef Gene for me, his story has inspired me and I know that this is the calling God has for me!! Thank you!

And another exciting thing I wanted to share with you was our logo which you have not seen yet and I suppose I had thought that there was no need until I read Chef Genes story!!

God is so Good!!

Another exciting answer to prayer is that God so kindly sat me next to the co-coordinator of Homeless people in Port Pirie, at a netball game (my daughter was playing!), and she asked me to pass on our information etc... And she will send her clients our way!!! So we are EXPECTING greater numbers very soon!

After finishing your book, I really feel that a mobile SoupVan is what my future will hold!! It’s great to have started, but I know in my heart God needs me to take bigger steps - IN HIS TIME!!! I passed your book onto my Pastor to read, he read it in 2 days, and enjoyed it very much, it is being passed onto other keen readers! Also the Christian bookshop in Port Pirie is going to purchase it, to put in their shop!!

God is so GREAT!!! Give Gods richest blessings to all your wonderful volunteers and please if you can share my story with one of God’s Sheep you are able to feed that would be such a blessing!!

Thank you, for your support and encouragement - God bless your SoupGirl and YOU!!

Steve and Paula Betzold


  1. Thank you so much, SoupMan, may you be blessed as you continue to FEED HIS SHEEP. Thank you, Steve and Paula Betzold

  2. It is so amazing how your story has an impact on all ends of the earth. I only wish you and your mission the best so that others will help in the cause to 'Feed HIS Sheep'